Excel Resources

While we have a vast collection of templates and self help guides, there are plenty of other fantastic resources out there. The following is a collection of the best Excel Resources we could find from around the internet. Enjoy!

Cheat Sheets

Excel Cheat Sheets


Free Templates

Business Spreadsheets 

Basic Business Templates 

High Quality Templates 

Excel Applications & Templates


Finance & Business

NYU Business Templates

Business Functions

EVA Calculation

Derivative Spreadsheets

Financial Scorecard

Real Estate Related

Invest Excel

Excel Quantitative

Personal Finance Spreadsheets

Investment Related

Marketing Related



Financial Model Guide 

Finance Models 

Finance Package 

Modeling Fundamentals


Math & Science

Excel Unusual

Quantitative Methods


Formulas & Functions

Excel Formulas


Tutorials and Help

Duke University Materials

Online Help

Improve Excel


PDF to Excel Converter

PDF to Excel

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