Office 13

Its Offic(e)ial! Free Excel Spreadsheet has upgraded to the newest version of excel from Office 13. Excel has a fresh new look and features.
Office users that have not upgraded do not fret! We will still provide how to guides tailored for you as well. While we are still getting used to some of the new tools excel offers, check out some of the new features we are looking forward to using:

Quick Analysis:

This tool lets a user convert their data into a chart or table in two steps or less. Preview your data with conditional formatting, sparklines, or charts, and make your choice stick in just one click.

Office 13 Excel Quick Analysis

Flash Fill:

This incredible feature will detect patterns based upon what you are doing, and enter the rest of your data for you.

Excel Flash Fill

Chart recommendations:

Presenting data can be difficult. It is a cinch with the new chart recommendation tool. It will recommend the chart that will best represent what you want to convey.

Excel Recommended Charts


Introduced in Excel 2010 as an interactive way to filter PivotTable data, slicers can now also filter data in Excel tables, query tables, and other data tables. Simpler to set up and use, slicers show the current filter so you’ll know exactly what data you’re looking at.

Excel Slicers


This new version of excel offers several new functions in the math and trigonometry, statistical, engineering, date and time, lookup and reference, logical, and text function categories.

Excel New Functions


Who’s excited about Office 13? We certainly are and you should be to! Excel is the best business tool out there and with our guidance you’ll know all the tricks of the new office in no time.


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    I’m not to impressed with Windows 8 so far. Hopefully 8.1 will be better.

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